Shopping in Lagos

Shopping in Lagos

Lagos, situated along the stunning Algarve coast in Portugal, is known not only for its breathtaking beaches and rich history but also for its variety of unique shops and spaces. From fashion boutiques to one-of-a-kind craft stores, Lagos offers a wide range of shopping experiences to cater to all tastes. In this article, we will explore some of the best shops in Lagos where you can find everything from clothing to local souvenirs and more.

Souvenir and Gift Shops:

To take a piece of Lagos with you, explore the various souvenir and gift shops in the city. These shops offer a wide variety of unique items such as traditional Portuguese crafts, hand-painted ceramics, locally produced wines, and handmade products. In the city center of Lagos, specifically on Rua 25 de Abril, you can find several fashion spaces to buy traditional souvenirs from the region, art pieces, or even spaces that offer the best of the best from Portugal. Here are some shops to visit on this street and nearby:

  • Mar d’Estórias
  • Casa da Bli
  • Casa da Moagem
  • Poticho – Comércio de Artesanato
  • Casa Caravela
Lagos Municipal Market:

To get a taste of the local culture and fresh produce, visit the Lagos Municipal Market. This vibrant market is a treasure trove of culinary delights, including colorful fruits, vegetables, aromatic spices, and local delicacies. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and interact with local vendors as you explore the diversity of gastronomic options.

  • Lagos Municipal Market
  • Santo Amaro Market
  • Viv’o Mercado
Art Galleries:

Lagos has a thriving art scene, and art enthusiasts will appreciate the numerous galleries scattered throughout the city. These galleries showcase a variety of works by talented local and international artists, including paintings, sculptures, and photography. Whether you’re an avid collector or simply an appreciator of artistic expression, a visit to Lagos’ art galleries promises to be a visually stimulating experience.

  • Lagos Cultural Center
  • Art Shop Eva
  • Galeria Hooroo
  • Art Gallery Corine Thinon
  • JJ Mealha Gallery
Surf Shops:

With its privileged location along the Algarve coast, Lagos is a paradise for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. If you’re seeking adventure on the waves, you’ll find a selection of surf shops that offer everything you need, from surfboards and wetsuits to accessories and clothing. Embrace the laid-back coastal lifestyle and explore the shops that contribute to Lagos’ thriving surf culture.

  • Lagos Surf Center
  • Ericeira Surf & Skate Lagos
  • Jah Shaka Surf Shop
Antique Shops:

For those who appreciate the past, Lagos is home to charming antique and vintage shops. These establishments offer a unique shopping experience where you can discover hidden treasures such as vintage clothing, antique furniture, retro accessories, and collectibles. Get lost in nostalgia as you browse through the eclectic selection of items from bygone eras.

  • Loja Vintage
  • O caixote
  • Olaria Nova

Lagos in the Algarve is a city that offers a distinctive shopping experience, not according to what you’re used to seeing everywhere. Prepare yourself for selective shops where you will find unique pieces that were not chosen to be just another item in your suitcase but rather a purchase that will remind you of the good times spent here!

If you need specific recommendations for any particular shop, let us know, and we’ll try to help!

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